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LED Wall Features:

  • High Resolution

  • User-Friendly Operation

  • Portable Design

  • Multiple Control Options

  • Versatile Display

  • Adjustable Height

  • Stability

    Our LED walls offer high resolution with 170,000 LEDs/sqm. The user-friendly App supports swift uploads and is universally compatible. The versatile LED walls, lightweight with adjustable settings, support multiple formats and controls. Designed for both indoor and outdoor use, they ensure stable, clear visuals.

Assembly and disassembly of our LED wall modules.

Quick, Easy, Durable: Effortless LED Module Setup, Secure Storage, and Seamless Assembly

Areas of application for LED walls

LED walls in the stadium

LED walls enhance the viewer's experience in sports arenas through large-format videos, live broadcasts, player statistics and interactive elements. They create a captivating atmosphere and offer opportunities for advertising and replays. The LED walls can be used in indoor and outdoor arenas, resulting in improved fan interaction.

LED walls at festivals

LED walls at festivals and concerts provide impressive visual effects, create atmosphere, and attract audiences. They allow live visualization of the music, interactive elements, and the display of content such as song lyrics. Artists can showcase their branding and sponsors can show their brand messages to create a strong connection with the audience.

LED Walls for exhibitions

At exhibitions, LED walls offer versatility and immediate visual impact. They effortlessly grab attention with dynamic visuals, making it easy to effectively showcase products, and services. These displays also provide valuable branding opportunities, enhancing engagement with attendees and helping exhibitors create a lasting, memorable impression on potential clients and partners.

LED walls for conference rooms

LED walls in conference rooms provide versatile presentation capabilities and facilitate interactive collaboration. They seamlessly integrate into the room, compatible with video conferencing and collaboration tools. User-friendly controls and stunning visuals enhance communication and encourage effective presentations in conference rooms.

LED Wall - Indoor

We offer LED walls especially for indoor areas, such as conference rooms or exhibitions.

Our indoor LED walls offer an optimal solution for applications that require high image quality and a clear display at close range. The smaller pixel pitch enables sharp and vivid images, even when viewed from a short distance. Perfect for indoor use.


LED Wall - Outdoor

With outdoor LED video walls, the connections and modules are specially designed to be protected from light rain and moisture.

Our outdoor LED walls are equipped with extra shades for each LED to protect them from direct sunlight. These "little roofs" preserve the brightness of the wall, even in intense sunlight. This ensures clear and highly visible images, regardless of the lighting conditions. Perfect for impressive visual results in outdoor areas.


How do professional LED video walls work and what technology is used?
Professional LED walls consist of many small LED pixels that together form a large image or video wall. Each pixel consists of tiny light-emitting diodes that generate light when an electric current flows through them.
What advantages do professional LED video walls offer over conventional display solutions?
Professional LED walls offer a high brightness and contrast ratio, a wide viewing angle, flexibility in size and resolution, excellent color reproduction, and a long lifespan. They are also able to display content seamlessly and without visible transitions.
What factors influence the image quality of an LED wall?
The picture quality of an LED wall is influenced by various factors, including the pixel pitch (the smaller the pixel pitch, the sharper the picture), color accuracy, brightness, contrast, refresh rate, and color depth.
What sizes and resolutions are available for professional LED video walls?
Our Professional LED walls are available in a variety of sizes and resolutions, ranging from small modules to huge video walls. The exact sizes and resolutions depend on the specific requirements and budget of your project.
How are professional LED video walls installed and maintained?
The installation of a custom LED wall usually requires careful planning and installation by experts. However, most of our standard LED Walls are easy to assemble. Maintenance includes regular cleaning of the surface, and checking the connections to ensure optimum performance and functionality.
Which applications are particularly suitable for professional LED walls?
Professional LED walls are suitable for a variety of applications such as events, trade fairs, conferences, advertising, sporting events, stage backdrops, control rooms, and immersive experiences.
How high is the energy consumption of professional LED video walls compared to other display technologies?
The energy consumption of professional LED video walls varies depending on size, brightness and configuration. In general, however, LED video walls are more energy efficient than conventional display technologies such as LCD or plasma.
What additional functions and features are available with professional LED video walls?
Professional LED displays can offer various additional functions and features, including wireless control, real-time content management systems, multi-touch interactivity, sensor integration, HDR support and customized formats